Difficult to detect dental problems for pet owners.

A medical examination of the pet's mouth and teeth is part of most visits to a veterinarian. If dental x-rays and treatment are needed, most of AniCura's animal hospitals and clinics have the expertise and equipment to perform them with high patient safety.

Collaboration and Expertise within AniCura

AniCura enjoys a prominent position in the field of dentistry with many well-trained, experienced veterinarians. We also have veterinarians with international specialist expertise who can perform the most advanced treatment such as root canals, tumour and mandibular surgery. The specialists run AniCura's medical interest group for odontology. The interest group is the focal point for veterinarians and veterinary nurses where discussions are held regarding various cases and the latest research findings. The odontology group's specialists help to ensure a high, up-to-date level of knowledge and inspire further development within AniCura by organizing courses and seminars.