Skin problems is a common reason to visit the veterinarian.

Veterinary dermatologists analyse the variations in the skin and fur of cats and dogs. It requires extensive knowledge and different diagnostic methods to treat problems that may appear simple. As new research results emerge, the number of available treatment alternatives increase.

Collaboration and Expertise within AniCura

Many national and European specialists (diplomates) in dermatology work within AniCura. A number of our skin specialists participate in AniCura’s veterinary interest group for dermatology. The group organizes internal courses, draws up guidelines and discusses interesting cases in a joint forum. Among other things, the role of veterinary nurses in dermatological examinations is encouraged. In order to achieve a high overall standard, AniCura offers auscultation for those with a special interest in the subject, as well as educations for veterinarians who want to specialise within dermatology.