Preventive care

AniCura’s AniPlan is a preventive health care plan to reduce risks for future health problems among companion animals and provide peace of mind for pet owners.

AniCura’s health plan AniPlan includes a set of veterinary care services to prevent future health problems among pets. AniPlan also includes diagnostic samples and examinations to discover potential illness at an early stage.

The purpose of AniPlan is to improve pet health, prevent illness and offer pet owners an affordable alternative for the most important preventive care services. AniCura’s AniPlan also includes other membership advantages, as for example in store discounts.

AniPlan is paid for via a fixed monthly fee and a veterinarian invites the pet owner in front of each examination in the health plan. Preventive health plans have a long history in for example the United States and have become increasingly popular among pet owners.

AniCura’s AniPlan was launched in 2016 and is gradually being introduced at more animal hospitals across Europe.