Veterinarians without Borders

AniCura is the primary sponsor for the non-profit organisation Veterinarians without Borders in Sweden. The association, founded in 2010, is a politically and religiously independent organisation that provides support for veterinary projects all over the world, primarily in vulnerable areas.

One example of an important long-term project includes the support to the Lilongwe Society for Protection and Care of Animals, in a project for the neutering and vaccination of feral dogs in Malawi. Neuter-and-release programmes are used in many cities and villages around the world as a way of managing the feral dog population. Rabies vaccinations are administered in connection with neutering. Taken together, these measures reduce the overall occurrence of rabies as well as the number of animals that constitute potential disease vectors. This reduces the risk of people in the area contracting rabies.

A project for mine detection dogs has been under way in Cambodia since 2012. Dogs, with their excellent sense of smell, have the ability to detect buried land mines. In mine detection operations, local dog handlers are taught to train dogs to react to, and warn of, mines so they can be dug up and disarmed. None of the project's mine detection dogs have suffered injury in their work.

AniCura has chosen to support Veterinarians without Borders as it is an association with similar philosophy and values as AniCura. Together we are able to work for the health and welfare of people and animals in vulnerable parts of the world.

As part of the cooperation AniCura has become the surrogate mother of the mine detection dog Bufty.

Working dogs in Irak Working dog in Irak
Working dogs in Irak
Photo: Veterinarians without Borders

Day of surgery in Malawi
Day of surgery in Malawi
Photo: Karin Alvåsen

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