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Value based leadership

AniCura is a values driven organization and our values guide all of us on how to interact internally as well as externally. It is also a guide to our leaders on how to manage clinics and teams.

AniCura’s values were developed and decided by our employees and based on the thoughts and opinions that emerged in interviews and group discussions. The values are a result of what everyone at AniCura identifies with, and what makes us successful.

We are proud of our unique culture and give our managers the tools and training to apply a value based leadership. AniCura arranges frequent value trainings for managers at different locations around Europe. The trainings provide tools to implement and actively work with AniCura’s values. At the same time it provide participants from different countries an opportunity to build a network within AniCura.

"We are proud of our unique culture and give our managers the tools and trainings to apply a value based leadership"

At AniCura, we also invest significantly in leadership development. The Accelerator Program is our yearly international leadership development program comprising several modules per year. The program focuses both on business management and leadership. It is an action learning program where participants address some of our real-life challenges at animal hospitals.

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