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Meet Maria

Veterinarian and Practice Manager, Sweden

AniCura Arboga Clinic

Why I became a veterinarian? When I was a kid, I dreamed about being a farmer or an actress. After senior high school, I started work as a veterinary nurse, but after a few years in the profession I was keen to try something else. I switched industries completely and ended up in the banking world! Pretty soon, my longing to get back to veterinary care was overwhelming and I began studying to become a veterinarian. What attracted me was the combination of science and meeting and working with animals every day. 

What was the most interesting thing that happened at work this week? I work a great deal with dermatological investigations, which is fun but also challenging. Last week, we proved the existence of demodex (follicular mites) and sarcoptes (scabies). Making two diagnoses on the same day that both promised to be fully cured with treatment was really rewarding.

Most interesting or remarkable meeting with an animal: We were in Mexico on vacation and went on a guided tour at a crocodile farm. We were walking among a pretty big bask of crocodiles that were between two and 5 m from the path… My son had not quite turned two and it seemed safer to carry him than have him sit in a pushchair. Looking back, I cannot understand at all why I did so! I guess it must’ve been sunstroke…

Favourite subject in veterinary care: I find different types of medical investigation quite interesting. It’s like putting together all the pieces of a puzzle and hopefully, when the pieces all fall into place, the reward is a healthy animal!

My pets: A small flock of sheep that has around 15 lambs every year. Hedemora hens and dwarf cochins, three house cats – Tiger, Smarties, Alice Måne and two dogs; my border collie Töz and my border terrier Svante.