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Meet Janina

Veterinary Nurse, Germany

AniCura Tierartpraxis Dr. Baronetzky-Mercier

Why did I become a veterinary nurse? Like every little girl I loved animals (except spiders) and had the wish to take care of sick animals. I never wanted to do anything else, so I directly started the education to become a veterinary.  

What is the most fun that happened at work during the week? To see me running through the waiting room in case of a spider attack.

What was most challenging at work during the week? This Wednesday I had to assist in five different operations whereof two were unplanned. It took us about 6 hours. 

Funniest/most odd meeting with an animal: When I was a child, a monkey pooped on my shoulder and I had to walk around all day with a stain on the T-shirt. 

Favourite subject in veterinary care: To assist in demanding operations and care taking and nursing wild animals.

The most common question at work from pet owners: Do we have to wait any longer?

My first animal or my first encounter with an animal: My first animal was a Budgie called Bubi. We taught him some sentences like “Bubi is a good boy”.

Current animals: I have two cats. One black Persian, Pü, and a Holy Burma, Lilo. Many wild animals are found and delivered to our veterinary clinic. We take care of them and nurse them up by hand if needed. So I have had a lot of different animals over the years, squirrels, rabbits, birds, martens and even more. It’s always a pleasure to reintroduce the animals into the nature.

What do you read right now? 
Game of Thrones, what else?