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Meet Erik

Veterinarian and Diplomate ECVS, the Netherlands

AniCura Dierenziekenhuis Drechtstreek and AniCura Diergeneenskundig Verwijscentrum Dordrecht

Why did you become a veterinarian?  I have always been interested in the nature, and loved pets. One of my first memories is going with my grandfather and his dog to the vet who showed me his clinic and invited me to assist.  Since then I know I want to cure ill pets and make owners happy.

What is the most fun that happened at work during the week? Meeting happy owners with their Dachshund Max that could walk again after I treated him 2 weeks ago by hemilaminectomy (a surgical procedure) because of discus herniation (slipped disc).

Favourite subject in veterinary care: Surgery.

The most common question at work from pet owners: What treatment option would you choose if our pet was yours?

My first animal or my first encounter with an animal: My jumpy white rabbit” Terry”. 

Current animals: We have 2 cute Ragdolls, and 35 colorful Budgerigars.

What do you read right now? Thelatest edition of Journal of veterinary surgery.