Odontology II


FOR WHOM? Veterinarians wishing to develop their surgical extractions skills.The course will be held in EnglishIf you can diagnose dental diseases and perform a correct surgicalextraction of any tooth in a dog or a cat, you will be able to treatall your dental patients. Any dental problem can be solved by anextraction. It might not always be the best solution, but it will beacceptable if performed correctly. Therefore, the Odontology II course is an essential training that willhelp you in your every day job. If you have little or no experience,you can learn to do surgical extractions and if you have someexperience, you will improve your skills and pick up a trick or two tomake your work easier and quicker.The course will give a theoretical base for the use of local/regionalblocks and for surgical extractions, but a majority the of time willbe spent on practical exercises. The participants will learn toperform the extractions and close extraction sites by mucogingivalflaps.This course has been approved to be included for specialist programStep-1. TIME SCHEDULESeptember 9th 09.00  - 17.00 * Welcome and introduction to facilities * Classification of dental fractures, theory * Regional blocs and local analgesia, theory * Lunch * Practical excercises on regional blocs and local analgesia onspecimens * Practical exercises on full mouth radiographs as preparation forextractions * Surgical extractions, theorySEPTEMBER 10TH 09.00 – 17.00 * Surgical extractions, theory * Demonstration of surgical extractions and mucogingival flaps onspecimens * Lunch * Surgical extractions, mucogingival flaps - practical work onspecimens * Conclusions and wrap up * Cleaning the labLEARNING OBJECTIVESParticipants should after the course be able to place oral regionallocal blocs and to perform a surgical extraction of any tooth as wellas close extraction sites by mucogingival flaps.LECTURERJens Ruhnau graduated as DVM from University of Copenhagen 1995 andbecame a diplomate in European Veterinary Dental College (EVDC) andEBVS European Veterinary Specialist in Dentistry in 2004 andSpecialdyrlæge i Veterinær Odontologi in 2005. He has been a boardmember of the European Veterinary Dental Society (EVDS) and boardmember of EVDC for more than 10 years. Jens is a highly appreciatedlecturer and a fantastic teacher.[jensruhnau.jpg]FEEThe course fee is 510 EUR excl VAT for Odontology II or if you want toattend both Odontology II and Odontology III the fee is 450 EUR exclVAT/course = 900 EUR. The fee includes course materials, lunches,coffee and the course dinner. There is a limited amount ofparticipants (16 spots) and we follow the first come first serveprinciple. To sign up for both courses choose option "OdontologyII+III". Remember to register your participation for both courses TRAVEL HOTELPlease arrange your own travel arrangement to the Tanddyreklinikken inMåløv. Please book your own accommodation for the course. Werecommend either Sleep hotel https://www.zleephotels.com/da/hotel/ballerup/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIheOszq3g3wIV2eWaCh3HMQ7_EAAYAiAAEgKKbPD_BwEorLautruppark https://lautruppark.dk/. It takes around 15 minutes towalk from Måløv to the clinic. If you wish to take a taxi, werecommend that you take it from Ballerup S-station (as there only aretaxis from Måløv Station). It costs around 25 €OTHERPlease bring clothes and shoes suitable for dental work with cadavers.Single use aprons, gloves and shoe covers will be available at thevenueREGISTRATIONTo sign up to the event start by selecting quantity in the bookingoption below. Secondly you fill in your personal details, emailaddress and answer the questions. Thirdly select payment method andfill in requested information. To finalize your booking press thebutton "Book" at the end. Confirm your registration by pressing thebutton "Confirm" in the pop-up window. Within a few minutes you willreceive a booking confirmation to your email, follow the link in theemail to complete your booking. Once you have done that you willreceive another email with a receipt for the event. Once you havereceived the receipt for the event, you are registered. If you haveany questions about this you are more than welcome to contact us ateducation@anicuragroup.comSUSTAINABILITYAt AniCura we work actively to take responsibility for theenvironment. This is why we ask our course participants to in firsthand pay the course fee by card. If this is not possible and aninvoice is wanted, please write an email address in field "Address 2"so the invoice can be sent digitally. Thus we save on the environment.Thank you in advance!

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