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LAB: Urine analysis


ON-DEMAND OPEN ACCESS course on urine analysis - Learn why urine analysis should be included for most patients in the clinic.

This course will take you through the why's, how's and when's regarding urine analysis.

Urine analysis is important - not only for evaluation of the urinary tract – but for any clinical patient.

Urine analysis is essential in evaluating volume status.

Chemistry panels can’t be interpreted correctly without!

At the same time interpretation of some abnormalities in urine can only be done by in the light of chemistry and hematology results.

It is therefore good practice to include urine analysis when diagnosing and monitoring most clinical patients.

In this course you learn…

  • How to perform a standard urine analysis from a-z
  • Why urine analysis is so important to perform on most patients
  • How to interpret the results

It is a self-paced online course full of new knowledge, multiple choice quizzes and cases.

This course is for veterinarians, nurses and the person responsible for the lab.

AniCurians can access this course through this link : LAB: Urine analysis


1/1/2024 12:00 AM