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LAB: Electrolytes made simple


On-demand course about electrolytes!

This online ondemnd course is for you who wants a basic understanding of electrolytes and a fast and easy overview of how to use them in your daily diagnostics.

Learn to decode the information you get from electrolytes.

Background, flowcharts and tools for the daily practice.

Electrolytes can be the difference between no diagnosis and the Addison patient. But interpreting electrolytes can seem like rocket science.

This course will help you:

  • Understand the physiology and patophysiology behind the most common electrolytes 
  • Learn to spot important patterns leading to the right diagnosis 
  • Learn how to act and follow up

AniCurians can access the course through this link:  LAB: Electrolytes made simple

1/1/2024 12:00 AM