Essential clinical cardiology


WELCOME TO A THREE-DAY COURSE WITH FOCUS ON CARDIOLOGY!This combined theoretical and practical course is aimed forveterinarians wanting to acquire a useful and methodological clinicalapproach to cardiology and learn to choose the most appropriatecomplementary diagnostic tool, as well as be able to prescribe theright treatment for the right patient. Approval accreditation for Steg 1, ATF and CKRD-points is applied for.LECTURERSCourse director as well as lecturer:Oriol Domenech DVM, MS, Dipl. ECVIM-CA (Cardiology). Oriol is awell-known and appreciated lecturer. Apart from being veryknowledgeable he is also very pedagogic in his lecturing.To his help with lecturing and as practical instructors: Federica Marchesotti DVM, Resident ECVIM-CA (Cardiology)TOMMASO VEZZOSI DVM,PhD, Resident ECVIM-CA (Cardiology)Course assistant: CHIARA PARMENTOLA DVMTARGET GROUP AND COURSE LANGUAGE This course is aimed for veterinarians having some previous clinicalexperience, wanting to develop their knowledge within cardiology.Course language is English.COURSE DESCRIPTION The course is both theoretical and practical. During the course you will learn how to perform a proper and completecardiological examination in order to be able to get the properdiagnosis in the most adequate and efficient way. We will discuss, themain clinical signs and symptoms that motivate a cardiologicalconsultation, as well as discuss the most relevant and practicalaspects regarding diagnosis and treatment of the most important andfrequent cardiac diseases.In order to develop the art of auscultation, the course participantswill auscultate canine patients with different types of murmurs andlearn how to interpret normal and abnormal auscultation findings. LEARNING OBJECTIVES After the course the participant will be able to: * Perform a proper and complete cardiological examination * Make an appropriate interpretation of important clinical signs andsymptoms * Perform a correct and efficient thoracic auscultation * Use practical tips and tricks for a correct clinical examination * Diagnose and handle the most important and relevanthemodynamically emergency clinical situations * Diagnose and treat the most common cardiac diseasesCOURSE PROGRAMME For details see the subpage "PROGRAMME". PRE-COURSE ACTIVITY AND POST-COURSE LEARNING/ACTIVITY Before the course you will get two scientific articles, that will giveyou a good theoretical base regarding cardiac auscultation. After the course a clinical case will be sent out with somerecapturing questions, in order to evaluate the learning process.  LECTURE NOTES  A PDF file with lecture notes will be shared two weeks before thecourse starts.COURSE FEE  EUR 1350 (incl VAT) Including lectures, practical training, digitallecture notes, coffees, lunches and a social event with dinner. Early bird fee EUR 1144 (incl VAT) available when registering beforeOctober 15th, 2019. Use the campaign code Early bird when signing inbelow.REGISTRATIONTo sign up to the event, start by selecting quantity in the bookingoption below. Secondly you fill in your personal details, emailaddress and answer the questions. If you are an "Early bird", use thecampaign code given above. Then select payment method and fill inrequested information. To finalize your booking press the button "Book" at the end. Confirmyour registration by pressing the button "Confirm" in the pop-upwindow. Within a few minutes you will receive a booking confirmationto your email. Follow the link in the email to complete your booking.When you have done that, you will receive another email with a receiptfor the event. It is only after you have received the receipt for theevent, that you are registered. If you have any questions about this,you are more than welcome to contact us at AniCura we work actively to take responsibility for theenvironment. This is why we ask our course participants to in firsthand pay the course fee by card. If this is not possible and aninvoice is wanted, please write an email address in field "Address 2"so the invoice can be sent digitally. Thus, we save on theenvironment. Thank you in advance!TRAVEL AND HOTELPlease arrange your own travel to Novara (close to Milan) and IstitutoVeterinario di Novara. A very nice hotel is available nearby the Istituto with specialdiscounted prices. For more information about the hotel and how tobook a room please see subpage "Hotel and transportation". For arecommended taxi service from the Malpensa airport to the venue,please also see subpage "Hotel and transportation". QUESTIONSPlease contact if you have any questions.

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