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Diagnostic Imaging for the Emergency Patient


Welcome to an online course on Diagnostic Imaging of the Emergency Patient! 

This online course is aimed at veterinarians working with emergency patients who want to develop or refresh their knowledge in abdominal- and thoracic emergency radiographs and ultrasound.

The main focus is on interpretation of the acute thoracic and abdominal pathologies. Pros and cons with the different image modalities, practical tips for interpretation and how to avoid pitfalls. The major part will cover radiographic emergencies, mixed with acute abdominal- and thoracic ultrasound and emergency echocardiography (point of care ultrasound). 

The aim is to develop a structured approach to correctly and confidently diagnose emergency conditions in order to provide the best possible care for the patient.

The course is accredited for the Swedish and Norwegian Specialist in diseases in dogs and cats programmes.  

The course is given in English.


Lisa Friling, DVM, Dipl. ECVDI.

Lisa graduated in 2004 and became a Swedish Specialist in Diagnostic imaging 2015. In 2018, she became a diplomate in Diagnostic Imaging. Lisa has worked in different large veterinary clinics and is currently working at AniCura Djursjukhuset Albano. She is the founder of Vet Imaging Academy. Lisa has experience in clinical work, lecturing veterinary students and clinicians and creating CPD courses.


After the course participants will be able to:

  • Choose the correct imaging modality and have knowledge of the modalities that can be complimentary for the clinical question.
  • Set up a structured and efficient approach to interpret emergency abdominal- and thoracic radiographs.
  • Perform and interpret emergency ultrasonographic and echocardiographic examinations.
  • Describe the diagnostic findings and write a structured imaging report.
  • Have knowledge of the indications for more advanced ultrasonographic and computed tomographic examinations.
  • Have knowledge of current literature and websites. 


9/14/2021 6:00 AM
10/28/2021 10:00 AM