Clinical Oncology


WELCOME TO TWO COURSES FOR VETERINARIANS AND NURSES WANTING TO KNOWMORE ABOUT HOW TO APPROACH ONCOLOGICAL PATIENTS WITH CONFIDENCE, BUILTON UPDATED KNOW-HOW.The course for vets is divided in two sections: the first part isfocusing on how to communicate and get connected with the owner of apet with cancer. The second section of the course targets the mostfrequent tumour that vets are asked to deal with: lymphoma. Thisdisease will be approached from a clinical pathology and oncologicalperspective; how to diagnose correctly and how give appropriatetherapy.The course for nurses is a one day course with focus on communicationand handling of chemotherapeutic drugs.LECTURERSCHIARA LEO DVM, Dipl ACVIM MARIA ELENA GELAIN DVM, Dipl ACVIM NICOLA READ VN DipAVN (Med), RVN, PgC (Oncology)For more information about these brilliant lecturers please see page"Lecturers" on the right hand side. TARGET GROUP AND COURSE LANGUAGE There is one course  for veterinarians and a separate course fornurses. There is an option to register as a team (one vet and one nurse).The courses are given in English.COURSE CONTENT VETSAfter this course the participants will be able to: * Understand how to approach oncology  in the interest of thepatient and of the client * Properly deliver bad news and still give hope to the clients * Recognize the tools available in veterinary oncology and decide ona rational therapeutical plan * Understand the basics of chemotherapy pharmacology, how it worksand when it makes sense to use it * Calculate the right dose of chemotherapy and understand the needof follow-up and changing the doses * Approach a patient with lymphadenomegaly and pick the right testfor diagnosis * Manage the main concepts of basic cytology of lymph nodes * Understand the role of more advanced techniques such asflow-cytometry and PARR and be able to communicate with a clinicalpathologist about a specific case * Chose the correct type of chemotherapy protocol for lymphomapatientsNURSESAfter this course the participants will be able to: * Communicate with oncological clients and support them * Understand the use of chemotherapy and safety management ofchemotherapeutic drugs both for the patient and for the clinicalpersonnel * Recognize chemotherapy toxicities and the use of supportivetreatmentCOURSE FEE VETS EUR 960 (+ VAT) Including lectures, digital lecture notes, coffees,lunches and the social event with dinner. Early bird fee EUR 816 (+ VAT) available when signing up before Aug15th, 2019.NURSESEUR 450 (+ VAT) Including lectures, digital lecture notes, coffees,lunch and the social event with dinner. Early bird fee EUR 391 (+ VAT)available when signing up before Aug 15th, 2019.TEAM of one vet (3 days course) and one nurse (one day course) fromthe same clinic. EUR 600 (+ VAT) per person in the team. Including lectures, digitallecture notes, coffees, lunch and the social event with dinner. Earlybird fee EUR 510 (+ VAT) available when signing up before Aug 15th,2019.REGISTRATIONTo sign up to the event start by selecting quantity in the bookingoption below. Secondly you fill in your personal details, emailaddress and answer the questions. Thirdly select payment method andfill in requested information. To finalize your booking press the button "Book" at the end. Confirmyour registration by pressing the button "Confirm" in the pop-upwindow. Within a few minutes you will receive a booking confirmationto your email. Follow the link in the email to complete your booking.When you have done that, you will receive another email with a receiptfor the event. It is only after you have  received the receipt forthe event, that you are registered. If you have any questions aboutthis, you are more than welcome to contact us AniCura we work actively to take responsibility for theenvironment. This is why we ask our course participants to in firsthand pay the course fee by card. If this is not possible and aninvoice is wanted, please write an email address in field "Address 2"so the invoice can be sent digitally. Thus we save on the environment.Thank you in advance!TRAVEL AND HOTELPlease arrange your own travel to Novara (close to Milan) and IstitutoVeterinario di Novara. For a recommended taxi service from the airportto the venue, please see attachment.A very nice hotel is available nearby with special discounted prices.For more information about the hotel and how to book a room please seeattachment "Hotel Novarello Info". QUESTIONSPlease contact if you have any questions.

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