Our values

AniCura is a values based organization. We share five guiding principles that lead all employees in the same direction.

Our values guide us in how we interact between us, how we approach customers and our way of working. Our values have created a strong corporate culture that unite all our clinics and provides a homogenous customer experience.


  • Together, we can achieve more. We believe in collaboration and solidarity, both local and beyond our national borders.
  • Thanks to our international platform we enjoy a unique opportunity to pursue the development of specialised veterinary care for companion animals through knowledge sharing and cooperation.
  • We are united in our commitment to improve quality of life for companion animals; we share joy and passion in working with animals.

Responsibility and initiative

  • Every employee at AniCura bears personal responsibility for ensuring we provide the best possible veterinary care and we treat every customer according to his or her needs.
  • It is every employee's responsibility to show initiative and recognize opportunities for development and improvement.

"We offer care, show concern and provide assurance. We show sympathy for all pets and the pet owner's situation"

Care and compassion

  • We offer care, show concern and provide assurance. We show sympathy for all pets and the pet owner's situation.
  • Every animal and owner is treated with respect on every occasion, regardless of how big or small their troubles may be.
  • Every employee contributes to a working environment where care and compassion are watchwords.

Expertise and development

  • AniCura is a modern organisation working professionally to develop best practice. Top quality is important to us.
  • We understand that our future depends on constant development and improvement. We work with continuous trainings, research and investments in our employees and veterinary medical equipment. We are generous in sharing our knowledge.

Honest and open

  • We value a good working environment and a pleasant company culture where everyone feels assured and at home and has the opportunity to develop.
  • We create good conditions for achieving our goals through clear communication and mutual respect.


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