Preventive care

By promoting preventive care, we can have significant impact on the quality of life for companion animals.

AniCura has an important responsibility to improve pet health through better compliance to health check-ups, vaccines and parasite prevention but also to advice customers around exercise, dental health and nutrition.

By preventing illnesses and infections, pet owners’ costs for veterinary care over a lifetime can be reduced.

Preventive care plan

To further strengthen focus on preventive health, AniCura launched a preventive care plan called AniPlan in 2016. AniPlan includes a set of veterinary care services to prevent future health problems. Visit our country websites to learn more about AniPlan.

Online consultations

In 2019, AniCura launched online consultations. Via a mobile app and video, veterinarians can see the patient, discuss symptoms and provide advice to the pet owners. The purpose is to support pet owners in preventive health measures and improve accessibility to the veterinarian. With online consultations, diseases can be discovered at an earlier stage and treatment outcomes can more easily be monitored.

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