Research projects 2020

These projects were granted financial support by AniCura's Research Fund in 2020.

  • Carlo Palizzotto
    Natural SARS-CoV-2 infection in animals: a prospective study to obtain a basis for a One Health approach to infection prevention and control"

  • Caroline Harlos
    "Effectof Salovum on acute diarrhea in dogs"

  • Chiara Mattei
    "May a single fast pre-surgical MRI sequence acquisition replace standard radiographs for TPLO surgical planning?"

  • Chiara Leo
    "Micro RNAs as prognostic and predictive circulating biomarkers in canine multicentric lymphoma"

  • David Onis
    "Prospective evaluation of the Rapid Luxation System in the treatment of patellar luxation in the dog"

  • Ester Ladagga
    Investigation of HER2 gene amplification and protein expression in canine primary pulmonary carcinoma"

  • Fabio Procoli
    "Assessing intestinal transmucosal bacterial translocation in dogs with protein losing enteropathy (PLE) by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)​"

  • Federico Porporato
    "Renal reactive AA-amyloidosis in shelter cats: a retrospective study based on clinical-pathological data, histopathology and ultrastructural features"

  • Giordana Zanna
    "A placebo-controlled study to evaluate the impact of near-infrared (NIR) laser therapyon skin microbiome and peripheral biomarkers of inflammation, and its therapeutic effects in atopic dogs​"

  • Inge Engeland
    "Quantification of mitral valve regurgitation using the radius of proximal isovelocitysurfacearea method in Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Chihuahua dogs"

  • Manuela Crasta
    "Repeatability and reproducibility of noninvasive keratograph5M and OSA-vet measurements in dogs with dry eye disease"

  • Carlos Macias
    "Flow cytometry evaluation of light chains of immunoglobulins and vitamin D receptor in canine lymphomas and leukemias"

  • Maren Dölle
    "Pre-and post-operative paw pressure distribution in client owned dogs undergoing surgical treatment for chronic inflammatory interdigital Pododermatitis / -furunculosis (PD/PF)"

  • Marieke Knies
    "Evaluation of the use of a flash glucose monitor in cats with diabetes mellitus"

  • Nanna Enemark
    "Composition of the intestinal microbiota in dogs with atopic dermatitis versus non-atopic healthy dogs"

  • Pavel Slunsky
    "Developing evidence-basedrecommendations for the appropriate selection of tissue specific suture material size and assessing their influence on wound healing and tissue stability in cats"

  • Sofie van Meervenne
    "The role of sex hormones in idiopathic epilepsy in dogs​"

  • Stefania Scarabelli
    "Perfusion index (PI) and Plethysmographic Variability Index (PVI) in dogs undergoing interventional cardiology"

  • Tommaso Vezzosi
    "The Mitral INsufficiencyEchocardiographic (MINE) score: a severity classification of myxomatous mitral valve disease in dogs​"

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