Research projects 2019

These projects were granted financial support by AniCura's Research Fund in 2019.

  • Ian van Alphen - Tilburg, Netherlands

"Prevalence of dermatophytes, endo- and ectoparasites and associated disease in Dutch show rabbits."


  • Filippo Ferri - Novara, Italy

"Systemic AA-amyloidosis in shelter cats in the North of Italy and shedding of amyloid fibrils."


  • Ulrika Grönlund, AniCura Group, Sweden

"LAMP point-of-care testing to guide antimicrobial choice for treatment of canine pyoderma"


  • Sarah Jensen - Stockholm, Sweden

"Validation of progesterone analysis on Idexx Catalyst for use in dogs" 


  • Nicolien van Klaveren - MCD Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Stand-alone intervertebral cage in the treatment of degenerative lumbosacral stenosis in dogs: A prospective pilot study"


  • Sandra Kriechbaumer - Haar, Germany

"Evaluation of efficacy of pregabalin for treatment of pharmacoresistant idiopathic epilepsy in dogs: a prospective, open label, positive controlled treatment study"


  • Chiara Leo - Novara, Italy

"Creation of a new grading system for canine oral melanomas, assessment of its prognostic significance and impact on therapy response"


  • Zandra Lundberg - Stockholm, Sweden

"Description of the normal post-surgical CT healing features following bulla osteotomies in cats"


  • Kathinka Odelius - Aros, Sweden

"Evaluation if there is faster resolution of lesions in atopic dogs with secondary bacterial pyoderma when they in conjunction with treatment topically with antiseptic schampoo and spray also are treated with oral glucocorticosteroid compared to oral placebo: a double blinded randomized controlled prospective study in 56 dogs"


  • Peter Pantke - Bielefeld, Germany

"Photodynamic treatment of transitional cell carcinoma in the dog"


  • Valentina Patata - Novara, Italy

"Dimensional and functional echocardiographic assessment of the right heart in dogs with pulmonic stenosis."


  • Karolina Scahill - Stockholm, Sweden

"Prevalence of Leptospira antibodies in healthy dogs in Sweden"


  • Jens Stetter - Kalmar, Sweden

"A prospective study of risk factors for surgical site infections in dogs"


  • Joris Vink - Amsterdam, Netherlands

"The use of the LigaTie implant for splenectomy in dogs"


  • Maria Winnerby - Stockholm, Sweden

"Wireless video-electroencephalography in dogs with cluster seizures"


  • Josefine Öberg - Stockholm, Sweden

"The acute phase reaction and the haemostatic system in cats with liver diseases of different ethiologies"

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