Sustainable veterinary care

Our ambition is to provide veterinary care with consideration to the impact we have on society; on animals, people and the environment. Read AniCura's annual Quality and Sustainability Reports here.

Medical quality

In our medical quality program, we work across nine focus areas to increase patient safety and improve medical outcome.

Antibiotic use

Ensuring a wiser use of antibiotics is a key commitment for AniCura. Our goal is to reduce antibiotic use by half between 2018-2030.

Our people

Our values and investments in building a strong culture form the basis for developing leadership and ensuring sustainable working conditions.

Care for people in need

AniCura clinics in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands offer vulnerable pet owners free veterinary care.

Preventive care

By promoting preventive care, we improve animal health and provide peace of mind for pet owners.


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