AniCura's Scientific Council

AniCura's Scientific Council

AniCura's Scientific Council was instituted in 2013 and is tasked with supporting our practices with regards to evidence-based care, quality assurance and research strategy. The council also reviews research applications and allocates funds from AniCura's Research Fund.

AniCura is driven by its conviction that advances in veterinary medicine are accomplished best through both science and experience in which various types of treatment are tried and tested according to scientific methods. Even if there might be insufficient research in some parts of veterinary medicine, AniCura's position is to use the best available knowledge and to contribute to additional areas within veterinary medicine become evidence-based through clinical research. AniCura's Scientific Council plays an important part in these efforts by supporting our practices.

Support research

The council is also tasked with promoting and supporting clinical research within AniCura. Since 2015, this assignment has also included the receipt of applications to AniCura’s Research Fund, and deciding which research projects should be granted funds to allow their completion to high standards.

Its assignment also includes overseeing work on group wide veterinary medicine policies for e.g. antibiotic use and infection control. When necessary, the council also acts as a referral body within AniCura for policy development and the evaluation of different treatment models.

The Scientific Council comprises veterinarians from several countries. All of the members possess extensive veterinary expertise and documented scientific merit, as these qualities are essential for the fulfilment of the council's assignment to the highest standards.


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