Organisation & Management

At AniCura, we are convinced that the best decisions are taken as close to patients and pet owners as possible.

Governance model

AniCura applies a decentralised governance model where our clinics operate with a great degree of freedom and independency. Decisions around customer offering, pricing and organisation are taken locally at each clinic. To support our clinics, we have group wide functions working with veterinary medicine and quality development as well as various support functions within HR, IT, finance and purchasing.


Based on our common values, each AniCura clinic operates independently and is led by a practice manager.

Clinic management

The practice manager at each clinic has an important role and responsibility to fulfil AniCura’s expectations on quality. The clinic management takes all the decisions around customer offering, pricing, organisation and employees. Learn more about the management at each clinic on our national websites.

Cluster management

Each AniCura clinic is part of a cluster organisation led by a cluster manager and a support office team to support the clinics in their development. AniCura’s head office employs companywide functions within for example veterinary medicine, human resources and finance.

General management

The local management at each clinic is supported by the following companywide management teams.

AniCura's Scientific Council was instituted in 2013 and is tasked with supporting our practices with regards to evidence-based care, quality assurance and research strategy. The council also reviews research applications and allocates funds from AniCura's Research Fund.

AniCura’s general management provides the strategic, tactical and operational support necessary to achieve our vision of shaping the future of veterinary care.

AniCura's Board is appointed by our owners and concentrates on long-term strategic initiatives and overall direction.



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