Animal Hospital Foundation in Greater Stockholm

The Animal Hospital Foundation in Greater Stockholm was founded in 1969 for the purpose of achieving round-the-clock veterinary care in the Stockholm region. The objective was to ensure access to high-quality veterinary care that enjoys constant development.

The foundation's vision

Throughout history, pets have always meant a great deal for mankind. The foundation's vision is to be among the leaders in qualified, easily available veterinary care with access to modern treatment and the latest developments in veterinary medicine. Good access to qualified veterinary care is a prerequisite of responsible animal ownership.

Non-profit foundation

The foundation, a non-profit organisation, invests its own funds and donations received through inheritances and gifts, in advanced medical equipment and development and training of employees.


The Animal Hospital Foundation in Greater Stockholm was formed in 1969 aimed at running a small animal hospital open at nights and weekends in the Stockholm region when the decision was taken to move the Veterinary College from Stockholm to Uppsala. The foundation was made up of representatives from the City of Stockholm, the Swedish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Swedish Kennel Club and Svenska Blå Stjärnan, an animal rescue organisation.

The Regional Small Animal Hospital in Bagarmossen in south Stockholm was finished in 1973 and opened by Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson. The need for a major small animal hospital in the northern part of Stockholm soon became manifest and the foundation began negotiations with the erstwhile National Board of Public Buildings for the use of premises in the old University College area in Kräftriket at Brunnsviken. However, it would be 1980 before the Small Animal Hospital Albano opened.

In 1996, Small Animal Hospital Albano moved to new premises in Danderyd and was re-inaugurated by Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson.

Gärdets Small Animal Clinic on Sandhamnsgatan 65 in Stockholm, located halfway between the Albano and Bagarmossen small animal hospitals, opened on 1 February 2010.

To ensure continued professional operations and high standards of quality and development in veterinary medicine, the foundation decided in November 2011 to become part of, and contribute to, the formation of AniCura, and today it is a significant owner with board representation.

The foundation's board includes representatives for the Swedish Kennel Club, Svenska Blå Stjärnan and the Swedish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Swedish Kennel Club (SKK)

SKK is a national organisation dedicated to Sweden's dogs and dog owners. SKK was formed in 1889 and works to strengthen the rights of dogs in society. SKK has more than 300,000 members.

Svenska Blå Stjärnan (SBS)

SBS was formed in 1917 under the name of Svenska Röda Stjärnan (Swedish Red Star) with the aim of being the animal kingdom's equivalent to the Red Cross. Among the organisation's objectives are the practice and dissemination of knowledge about good animal husbandry. SBS is tasked by society with taking care of all animals in crisis situations, catastrophes and the outbreak of contagious diseases.

Swedish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Swedish SPCA)

The Swedish SPCA was formed in 1875 with the objective of improving understanding about animals, animal care, animal husbandry and legislation among the general public, commerce and politicians. The organisation takes preventive measures and seeks to create public opinion to highlight animal welfare issues in order to advance and safeguard the protection of animals.


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