This is an online course for veterinarians, nurses and anyone in clinics that communicate with pet owners.

Emergency circumstances can occur anytime-anywhere and to effectively communicate in those cases is key to do our work in the best possible way.

In this module we will look at what we need to achieve with our communication in an emergency situation and how to act to reach these outcomes, based on evidence.
The course language is English.

The course is aimed for veterinary nurses, veterinarians and for anyone in clinics that need to communicate with pet owners.  

Helen Ovregaard, DVM
Job title: Program manager, Medical education - clinical communication
(Learning & Development, AniCura)

See subpage for further information about the lecturer.

After this module, we will understand what to prioritise in our communication and why.

The participants will be able to achieve accuracy in information transfer, and to be efficient at the same time. Emergencies can be emotional for our clients. The participants are enabled to support the owner in a better way, which also makes our conversations and decision making with our client easier.

For a good online experience a computer and a stable internet connection is required, a headset is also recommended. The participants are expected to take part interactively, on camera, during all of the webinar sessions. Detailed instructions will be sent out approximately one week before the start of the course. A course certificate requires attendance to all modules and completed assignments. If requirements are fulfilled a course certificate is sent after completion of the course.
Accreditation for specialist programmes and national credit points can be requested by contacting the organiser.

This is a free course for Anicurians.

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