Specialist at AniCura

We are always interested in highly skilled veterinary professionals who share our values and are keen to develop veterinary medicine and quality.

AniCura’s focus is on advanced and specialized care. A large proportion of our patients are referred from external veterinarians, and the most complicated and challenging cases often end up at one of AniCura’s highly specialized clinics.

A unique network

AniCura offers specialists an inspiring workplace with unique opportunities to share knowledge and experience with highly skilled individuals in our international network. About a quarter of our veterinarians are specialized, covering all different veterinary fields.

Within our medical interest groups, specialists and all other veterinary professionals interact to discuss best practice in diagnostics and treatment, new research and findings and the management of individual, particularly difficult or unusual cases. We arrange meetings, seminars and provide digital platforms to share knowledge and cases.

Advanced equipment and cases

As a specialist within AniCura, you are sure to access the latest techniques and equipment as we continue to invest significantly in all our clinics and facilities. Most of our highly specialized clinics are fully equipped with for example computer tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and perform state of the art treatments.

Continuous quality development is important to us and we support our clinics with a companywide quality development program and resources to ensure highest possible standards.

Clinical research

At AniCura, we encourage all our veterinary professionals to perform clinical research of high standards. Through the AniCura Research Fund, establish already in 2015, clinical research projects performed by AniCura employees can apply for financial support. Due to the great number of employees active within research, more than 500 peer-reviewed scientific articles written by AniCura employees has been published.

Eager to become a specialist?

About one third of our clinics are accredited as teaching institutions for various European or country-specific specialization tracks. At AniCura we support and encourage specialization and professional development. Contact HR@anicuragroup.com to learn more.

If you are a specialist and interested in joining AniCura, or just want to find out more about who we are, please contact Zeina Hasan, Group Talent Acquisition Manager.


Meet one of our specialists

Get to know what it is like to work as a specialist at AniCura. Meet Josefine Öberg, a European specialist in clinical pathology (Diplomate ECVCP) at AniCura Djursjukhuset Bagarmossen, Sweden. Josefine also chairs of one of our Medical Interest Groups, Laboratory Medicine.


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