Education and courses

Personal and professional development is a natural part of working at AniCura.

Veterinary medicine courses

AniCura Continuing Education (ACE) is an educational offering with numerous courses each year taking place at different European locations. The courses cover all veterinary fields and professions, and are led by well-known external lecturers and certified trainers. Many courses are open for all professionals within the veterinary industry, and some only for AniCura’s employees.

Customer communication trainings

Professional customer interaction is important to assure high medical standards and patient safety. AniCura offer its employees special training programs in customer communication. The Professional Communication Project was initiated in 2015 and covers all aspects of communication with pet owners and includes both lectures and practical training sessions. All categories of clinical staff participate in the communication trainings.

Lectures and trainings at clinics

In addition to AniCura’s courses, a number of our clinics arrange local and regional courses and lectures for both our employees and guests. The clinics also host “journal clubs” and medical record reviews to enhance clinical competence.

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