At AniCura, students can gain practical experience of high quality veterinary care.


Every year representatives from AniCura visit both general fairs and fairs within certain medical fields around Europe to build relationships with the veterinary community and future employees. Often we have our own AniCura stand with experts from different veterinary fields. Individual employees also represent AniCura as lecturers and participants at various congresses and events and always eager to talk to students. Make sure to take the opportunity to speak to us to and learn more about the opportunities at AniCura.

Student events

We are actively engaged in the educational community and hold lectures and arrange special student events at different universities every year. Make sure to take the opportunity to talk to us when we are at your university!


AniCura arranges country specific programs for students working part-time or over summer at AniCura. For example, the AniCura Readiness Camp in Sweden is a two-day training program for summer employees to get acquainted with everything you need to know when getting started at AniCura, from contacts, basic routines and hygiene guidelines to AniCura’s values and history. These programs usually take place during summer combining lectures, social events and work at one of the clinics.

Get to know us

Curious to learn more? You are always welcome to contact us at

Meet Josefin and hear about how she decided to become a veterinary technician within anesthesia.


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