AniCura Veterinary Graduate Programme, Autumn 2023

AniCura’s Veterinary Graduate Programme is a 15-month development programme that offers newly graduated veterinarians a smooth transition from university to work life, preparing them for a lifelong successful career in the veterinary profession, with a strong focus on supporting  the development of their skills to become confident, capable and independent veterinarians.

While working at AniCura and participating in the programme our new veterinarians will develop both clinical and non-clinical skills with a curriculum delivered by carefully selected speakers. Each graduate is supported by a mentor at the clinic, coaching both personally and professionally for the duration of the programme.

The programme is open for newly graduated veterinarians across all our countries, allowing the sharing of knowledge and experiences with colleagues from all over Europe and providing the opportunity to build an international network.

The programme starts twice a year, during the spring and in the autumn.


Target Group

The programme targets newly graduated veterinarians working in AniCura clinics with less than one year in clinical practice, ideally 0-6 months. The veterinarian should be engaged and motivated to take the first steps in their professional career and to start building networks across AniCura. The programme is international therefore proficiency in English is required to be able to follow and interact during training events. More information is found under subpage Graduate Requirements in the right hand menu.

Each group in the programme consists of maximum 50 newly graduated veterinarians.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the AniCura Veterinary Graduate Programme participants should:

  • Have developed a confident and structured approach to consultations with clients and demonstrate clear clinical communication
  • Be able to confidently approach and manage most common first-line and urgent case presentations in primary care
  • Be able to select and interpret appropriate diagnostic tests and procedures used commonly in first-line and urgent case presentations
  • Be able to perform basic surgical procedures
  • Have developed a rational and justified approach to antibiotic use and critically reflect on cases where antibiotics have been prescribed
  • Begin to develop and implement skills and tools in areas that promote health and wellbeing in the workplace


Programme Overview

For more detailed information on the content and set up of the programme please see subpage About the programme in the right hand menu.

AniCura's Veterinary Graduate Programme is a 15-month international programme with a focus on first-line management and urgent care. The programme is hybrid and is delivered in different formats. It consists of both face-to-face practical workshop trainings, online interactive webinar sessions and self studies. Both clinical and non-clinical skills topics are covered. Participation to all training events is a compulsory part of the programme.

Each group consists of 50 participants from across AniCura creating a peer-to-peer support network. Every new graduate is supported by a clinic-based mentor throughout the programme. The mentors play an essential role in the programme, supporting and coaching the newly graduated veterinarian both personally and professionally for the duration of the programme and helping to ensure the learnings from the training days are put in practice. More information about the mentor role is found under subpage Mentor Requirements.
New graduate training:
  • Focus: First-line management and urgent care
  • 3 Face-to-face (onsite) training events (3 days/event)
  • Approx. 15 medical topical areas (online and face-to-face) incl. RECOVER CPR certification 
  • Clinical communication
  • Non-clinical skills such as resilience, self leadership, financial literacy
  • A total of approximately 20 training days
  • Preparatory work before medical topic areas, approximately 2 hours per month
Mentor training:
Mentors will undertake mentor training to ensure they feel confident and have the necessary skills to support their graduates. For more detailed information about this compulsory training please see subpage 'Mentor training'.


Start-up dates Autumn 2023 cohort 

The absolute last date for applications is August 27th. Applications will be handled continually and allocated on a first-come-first-served basis if requirements are fullfilled. 


Mentor training:

September 19th, 8.30 - 10.00: Mentors - introduction and information about the programme

September 26th, 9.00 - 13.00: Online mentor workshop, session 1

October 3rd, 9.00 - 13.00: Online mentor workshop, session 2

Thereafter 1 hour mentor coaching sessions every 2 months.


New graduate training:

September 27th, 8.30 - 11.00: New graduates - introduction and information about the programme

Preliminary: October 11th 8.00 - October 13th 13.00, Stockholm, Sweden: Module 1: Clinical approach and laboratory diagnostics, Clinical communication

A preliminary schedule is found under enclosed documents. It is subject to change and will be updated continually.


Programme Fee

The Veterinary Graduate Programme training costs are covered by AniCura Group. Costs for travel and accommodation during face-to-face events are covered by the clinic budget. Attendance to all programme events is compulsory. If less than 80% of the programme is attended for reasons within the clinic's control ie. scheduling, a ‘no-show’ fee that covers programme expenses will be charged the clinic.

For more information about what is required of the clinics, please see subpage Clinic Requirements



Application to the programme is done through this registration site and also in dialogue with country teams. Country ambassador contact information is found on the subpage 'Country ambassadors'.

Applications are completed and sent in by the Practice Manager/Line manager. Clinic Requirements, Mentor Requirements and Graduate Requirements should be read and complied to before applying to the programme. Please see the relevant subpages. It is important that clinics registering a new graduate fully commit to providing support and time for the new graduate throughout the programme.

The absolute last date for applications is August 27th. Applications will be handled continually and allocated on a first-come-first-served basis if requirements are fullfilled. 

If you are interested in applying to a future group, that can be done below as well.

To send in an application for a new graduate veterinarian, start by selecting quantity in the booking option below. Secondly, check the box 'I will not be attending the event myself', fill in all details about the new graduate and answer the questions.

To finalise your application click "Book" at the end. Confirm your application by clicking "Confirm" in the pop-up window. Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation to your email and the application is complete. We will contact you during the process of allocating places.



Please contact Anna Lindberg, Graduate Programme Manager, at if you have any questions.

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