ACE Lunch&Learn webinar: Energy & Nutrient Requirements of Healthy Dogs & Cats

During this lecture we will learn how the energy and nutrient needs for dogs and cats are determined.
We get to discuss how energy requirements are expressed and where they are published.
The lecture will be concluded with a case study of an overweight animal.

Join Lara Fossati, BVSc, MANZCVS, DACVIM (nutrition) working at Royal Canin for an ACE Lunch&Learn webinar discussing this topic.



In this webinar we'll learn about:

·       How energy requirements are expressed and where they are published.
·       How to determine energy and nutrient needs.
·       How to make calculations for weight loss.



ACE Lunch&Learn

ACE Lunch&Learn webinar sessions are designed to provide bite-size updates on current topics within veterinary medicine and give you the opportunity to ask questions to key opinion leaders within the topic area. Please register to the live event and you will receive the webinar link.

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