About AniCura

AniCura was born out of the idea that sharing resources creates opportunities for better veterinary care. The company was established in 2011 as the first merger of companion animal hospitals in the Nordic region.
More about AniCura

AniCura 10 years

AniCura started in 2011 as a small business with big dreams. Ten years later, AniCura has the same vision: to shape the future of veterinary care, together.

450 locations in Europe

AniCura provides modern, high-quality veterinary care for pets at 450 European locations. We operate in a decentralised organisation where decisions are taken close to patients and customers.

Vision, values & strategy

AniCura’s vision is to shape the future of veterinary care, together. We are a values driven organisation with a strong culture.

Organisation & Management

AniCura has a decentralized organisation where most operational decisions are taken locally at each clinic.


AniCura is part of Mars Veterinary Health, a family-owned company focused on veterinary care.

For clinic owners

Are you thinking about taking your clinic to the next level? And to secure a long-term ownership? As part of AniCura you get a professional partner committed to developing veterinary medicine together with you and your team.


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